Sunday, January 6, 2008

A New Year

Well, Happy New Year everyone. The break is now over. Sad day. And I have to go back to work/school tomorrow. It's a little bit sad that this was my last real Christmas break. I don't like that the "grown-up" world doesn't give you a real break. And so, to celebrate that break, I'll post a few pictures. Sadly, I didn't really take that many. But here's just a little taste of what it was like...

Steven is growing right up. I almost made him laugh. It was pretty darn cute. Apparently his neck is pretty ticklish. :)

Poor Hayley didn't feel very good. However, she wasn't about to put up with any nonsense from the cousins. Hannah, don't cross that line....

I guess it's a good thing that all of the kids like books so much. Here is Grandpa Rowley reading Karen, Jace, and Colton a story. Who knew that the Big Bad Wolf was so intense!

And, we have a couple of traditions at the Rowley household that I thought it could be fun to have some pictures of. My mom is very good at dipping chocolates and we have done it almost every year since before I can remember. So, here are some of our finished products this year.

And, of course, our New Year's Eve tradition (that just happens to occur most nights between Christmas and New Year's). Lots of yummy foods -crackers and cheese balls, chips and dip, fruit, etc. etc. etc. We eat that food and play lots of games and just have a good time all around.

So there's just a little sample of the Rowley Family Christmas break.