Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy Saturday

Whew. Yesterday was busy! But a very good day. Lots of fun and exciting things. And probably the least of it was that BYU is playing good football again. :)
Well first, my nephew Jeff earned his Eagle Scout award, so we got to go to his court of honor and see him receive that award. Here he is!
And second, Brian and Emily had their baby today! She was born very early Saturday morning. No name picked out yet, but she's a cutie!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Standardized Testing - Valid??

Okay, so we all go through lots of standardized testing throughout school right? It's out favorite thing! SAT or ACT and the "pre" tests through 5th and 8th and 10th grades. It's just the joy of our existence really. I'm led to question again what exactly that testing does for us. Maybe I'm totally way off base, but it seems that part of the reason for it is to show in what areas you have strengths and to predict future career choices, etc. Am I totally wrong in thinking that's part of the reason for it? You know, besides competing with your friends about who has the best score of course. Cause it's totally the basis by which all intelligence is measured! But I digress.

Now here's the reason I'm pondering on this subject tonight - I'm going through my old scrapbooks and scanning in my pictures and other memorabilia to be able to have electronic copies of them because that's the thing to do now-a-days right? Well, I just came across my "SAT" from 8th Grade. One of those pre-testing things where they're trying to prepare you for the 'real thing' or make you feel smart of stupid or something. And I'm looking through my scores and laughing. I will admit, I got some pretty decent scores. In fact, all but one of them were in the 'above average' range. (I only say this to help make my point.) My one score that was not in the above average range was in the category of.............................................Listening.

This gives me cause to reflect on my chosen career choice. And I think, hmmmmm.....either the testing maybe doesn't do all that it says it does, or I totally chose the wrong career and I'm horrible at my job and should probably throw away those two degrees and start over. Deliberating....deliberating....