Saturday, April 26, 2008


Wow. It actually came. Who would have thought it would actually end. :) The last two days have been graduation. And it's really been a good couple of days. A little overwhelming perhaps, but good. Thursday was the University Commencement (everyone in the Marriott Center). My mom and dad came up for that. Go figure that it was snowing before we went in. But afterwards, it was nice and sunshiny. How's that for typical Utah weather. All the graduates inside the Marriott Center.With mom and dad
Sitting by a fountain :)

And of course, dad wanted a picture of the hood because it looks refined and distinguished. :) (Okay, funny joke. For real, the paper that came with the hood as instructions for how to wear it said this: "Upon receiving your gown and academic hood, you'll want to put it on to admire your distinguished and refined look." ha ha!)

Friday was our day - the Social Work Dept.

Three of my classmates (and friends) and I were able to do a musical number for graduation. L-R, Angela Irving, Sandra Wilkes, me, and Brynn Bell. We sang "Not Too Far From Here", which I really think is the perfect social work song and really is why we do what we do.

Being hooded by Dr. Marett and Dr. Panos

Receiving my diploma from Dr. Seipel

Here's the family that was able to come. Grandpa Farnsworth, dad, mom, Janell and Steven. I know others wanted to be there, but couldn't make it. But I'm still very grateful to all of my family. I've been extremely blessed with a fantastic family and I know they were all there in spirit. :)

Okay, I know this post is getting a little long. But I have to put at least one, maybe 2, pictures of my class on here. I have to say, this is probably the greatest class in the world. I realize that we've spent beyond normal amounts of hours together - classes, studying, internships, etc. But we've all grown so close and it has been my family away from my family these last two years. They're an amazing group of people, and they've all blessed my life. I'm definitely going to miss them. It's not quite real to me yet that we won't be going back. But I hope they all know how grateful I am to them for their friendships, the things they have taught me, and the people they are. Go MSW Class of 2008!

With some of our great professors!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

History turns on small hinges, and so do people's lives

"Decisions determine destiny." So, I realized that today was my second to last day of class. Ever. That's a little bit strange to think about. I'm graduating in two weeks. And really, school is pretty much the only thing I've ever known. I took a break for the mission. But even then, I started school again within 2 weeks of being home. So it's pretty much been my life. And now it's going to be over. Which of course brings up the commonly asked question of "what are you doing after graduation?" Honestly, I really don't know. I never planned my life this far. It's time to enter the real world and become a real adult. But where and how? It brings up a lot of questions about my life's mission and what I was sent here to accomplish. I really hope that I don't miss that. But I know that I have to move forward. So I'm working on that. It's been very interesting to see how things have been playing out in this decision process. I'm grateful for the no's that Heavenly Father has given me because then I at least know those are not the things for me to do right now. And then other possible paths close. Apparently those aren't the right ones either. I almost feel like I'm standing at a crossroad that most of the roads have closed off. I feel sure that there are other roads that maybe I just can't see. Or maybe that one road that still might be open is the one I'm supposed to take. I'm not sure if I want it or not, but who knows?
Anyway, I think that I'm rambling. But obviously, this is on my mind a little bit lately. (Or maybe more than a little.) I do believe that things will work out. Amazingly, they always do. But the growing process of waiting and testing and trying always seems to come first. So here I am, still praying and pondering and hoping that I will allow the Lord to open my eyes to the "right" road. Until then....