Saturday, November 24, 2007


Go Cougars!!!!!!!

What a day and what a game. It was quite the defensive battle throughout. Then when Utah scored with 1:43 left in the game to take the lead, we started to get a little nervous. 1st down...2nd down...3rd down... 4th down and 18 to go and the ball inside BYU's 10-yard line. I must admit, I started to lose faith. But then Max Hall completed a 49-yard pass to Austin Collie. They moved it forward, and Harvey Unga ran it in for the touchdown. In less than a minute, BYU moves ahead again and hangs on for the win!!!!!

Friends: Kevin, Emma, Holly, and Me

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I no longer have a voice.) And, of course, getting ready for the big game. This is me and little Steven in our BYU shirts.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm it!!!!!

Well, I have just been tagged by my sister-in-law. And I was previously tagged by a friend. What's funny is that everyone's "tag" seems to be different. So, in order to satisfy both, I decided to take components of each one. I hope everyone is happy with it. :)

6 Facts or habits about me (from Jenny's tag):
- I love socks! I love collecting them. I love matching them with different outfits. I love holiday socks, seasonal socks, colors, stripes, patterns, etc. For example, these argyle socks are fantastic!

- Wicked (the Musical) – I might just be slightly obsessed. But honestly, it’s amazing. I have seen it 3 times, and would go back in a heartbeat.

- One of my favorite jobs in the world is being Aunt Sheri! Note different pictures on my blog for reference. :)

- I hate saying “oh, let’s do that someday.” I’m all about doing it. You only live once!!!!

- Things I love to do: reading, playing the piano, singing, tennis, basketball, etc. etc. etc.

- I’ve had an interesting array of injuries to my body. Among others, In 7th grade, I burned my eye with a curling iron and then 3 months later got hit in the eye with a soccer ball, causing a hyphema, or hemorrhaging in the eye. In high school, I tore out the tendons and ligaments in my right ankle. Last year, I had two different knee surgeries. There are others on the list, but through it all, I have never broken a bone. And just to let you know, I considered putting a picture of a hyphema on here. But it was pretty disgusting. So, if you're curious, go google image it. :)
And now, for the tag from Brittany. I'm sorry that I didn't fill out all the sections. And there are a couple that I just can't think of what else to fill in. What can I say, my brain is nigh unto no longer functioning.
Things I am passionate about (I can only think of 6)
- The Gospel of Jesus Christ
- My family
- BYU Football
- Social work (Which sometimes is too bad. It can be tough :)
- Traveling – I really do love it.
- Music

8 Things I want to do before I die
- Get married :)
- Have super cute kids.
- Go to Italy and float down the streets of Venice in a gondola while being serenaded.
- Graduate with my masters (I only have 6 months left. I’m hoping I make it through.)
- Serve a mission with my husband.
- Travel to many other parts of the world
- I really think writing children’s books with a therapeutic value would be extremely cool.
- Sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

8 Books I have read recently
- The Book of Mormon
- I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
- The Alchemist
- The Child Mental Status Examination
- Clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy with Children and Adolescents
- The Healing Power of Play
- Dear Mrs. LaRue (a children’s book)
- The Flower Man (another children’s book)

Things I often say (Once again, only coming up with 6...)
- “That’s true”
- “Blast!”
- “I’m done.”
- “Seriously”
- “GP” (Which means good point)
- “Let’s be honest”

8 Songs and Albums I could listen to over and over again
- Wicked
- Anything by Michael Buble. (I don’t know that you want me to list all his albums. And I probably love his Christmas songs as much as anything else!)
- Norah Jones “Come Away with Me” Album
- Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”
- Nat King Cole’s “The Christmas Song”
- “A Wink and a Smile” by Harry Connick Jr.
- “Peace I Leave With You” by Rob Gardner
- "O Holy Night" by Josh Groban - Okay, okay. So I totally love Christmas music.
So, I apologize for things I may have missed. If there was something you really desperately wanted to know about me... just ask. :)
As for tagging people, I tag only whoever reads this and has not yet been tagged. (I think almost everyone I know has been. Although maybe not Megan....)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

100 Days of Love

In my class today, one of our classmates announced that his brother-in-law had just passed away from metastatic melanoma. There were 100 days from the time that he was diagnosed to the day that he passed away. And he was only 32 years old. He brought up the question, what would you do if you had 100 days left? And Bryce, his brother-in-law did so much. So Nate has continued on with the mission that Bryce began and has extended to another 100 days of love. He has created a blog that talks about simple ways that we can work on increasing our love each day. It is found at Within that page are also links to many other great blogs. I’m hoping that we can spread the word and all take a step back and think about what we really want to accomplish. Changing the world begins with changing the individual. Sometimes we realize too late to do the little and important things in life.