Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Year

Is it a little bit funny that although I've been out of school for a couple years, there is the part of me that still meaures years as if they begin the end of August/start of September? Look what they ingrain in us through our early years. They also ingrain in us that we should have a few months of summer break. That's a rough reality when you grow up and realize that most adults don't actually get that. I'm slightly bitter still. But I digress.

As it has been two years since I finished school, I did hit a pretty big milestone - work wise. I finished up the hours and other things required for me to get my LCSW. That's a licensed clinical social worker. Previously, I was just a CSW, or certified social worker. It's kind of made me laugh as I've realized that hardly anyone really knows what I mean when I say, "I got my L!" But they act excited with me anyway. :) I guess I really do understand. I really didn't know anything about the licenses involved until I actually got into the field. So if you are reading this and saying, what is that? Feel free to ask. So here's my name plate at work. I had some friends a couple years ago that thought I was pretty cool because I had 3 letters after my name. Now I have 4. :)

Another favorite part of school starting/fall is that football starts. I realized the other day that I really miss the good ol' days when the thing to do every Friday was to go to the football games for the local high school. It was all of my growing up because my dad taught at the high school. There's just something so great about enjoying the outdoors, enjoying some games, building that sense of community... Ahhhh. Well, this year, my oldest nephew Jeff is now in high school. First of all, yes, the immediate reaction is "What the....?" How is he that old? I don't know. But he is playing football (and is actually really quite good if I can whisper that out there) and I got to go down to his first game this week. What fun! He's the quarterback for the freshmen team. Hopefully I'll get to go to others. But I was able to get a few pictures for those of you that missed out.

So everyone, I hope that you too get to enjoy some good football this season. I'm looking forward to it. Happy new (school) year! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Fun

Wow it's been a little while since my last post. The summer has gone by quite quickly. I don't have lots of pictures, but here are a few of the things that have happened.

I went with my ward down to the Manti Pageant and we did a session there as well. Always good to head back to Sanpete County and of course partake of some Fat Sticks as well.
Here's my friend Laura and I with some of the peeps in the pageant. We thought their costumes were very cool. :)

I got to go to the play 110 in the Shade at the Hale and then meet Audra McDonald, who came to Orem for a couple weeks to be in it. I've been a big fan of her for a few years, and she really is amazingly talented. What fun!! Here's Laura, me, and Candice with Audra.

We had some 4th of July merriment in Richfield, but I didn't get too many pictures. So here's one I did get of Hayley and Steven.

I watched a little baseball. Here's my nephew Jeff.

I don't think I've even posted about my niece Claire who was born in May. We got to go up to Logan today for her blessing. She's a cutie!!

And as far as additions go with the family, Daniel and Jenny had their babies the end of June. We're very grateful that they're doing so well. I haven't gotten to meet them yet, but I'm borrowing a picture from Jenny so you can see how cute they are. Ava and Wyatt.