Friday, January 21, 2011

Making Dream Come True

And although it would probably apply, I'm not talking about Disneyland. After years of dreaming and years of saving, I'm finally making it happen. I'm going to Italy! And since I'll be there, I'm going to see some other parts of Europe as well! Dates have been set and tickets have been purchased. It is official.So of course I wanted to share the good news. I know quite a few people knew I was really hoping on going this year, but it's a done deal now. We will fly into Paris, France and do a whirlwind tour of the city before heading out to Munich, Germany. See some cool things there, including Neuschwanstein Castle (okay, it's not technically in Munich, but close) and then head to Salzburg, Austria. Sound of Music tour here we come! Not to mention Mozart's hometown. From Austria we'll go to Switzerland and spend a couple days there. We will go to the temple in Bern and try to see other things as well, although it's not completely nailed down there. Then down to Italy to Venice, Florence, and then Rome. I am pretty darn excited for this trip and hope everything pulls together. So if any of you have thoughts on the better things to see, or know people over there or other helpful insights, feel free to let me know!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lillie turns 1

This week my niece Lillie turned 1 and of course we had to celebrate! So here are some pictures so you can enjoy her cuteness as well.
The Cake
Yay! It's my birthday!
Mmmm. I think I like it.
Yup! That's some gooooood stuff!
Woa. I think I got my fill. (Someone was getting a little sleepy.:)

And then of course..... presents!! (Thank goodness for that sugar boost for more energy!)

Christmas Catch-Up

Christmas was great and very fun for all of us to be home together for at least a couple of hours. While I didn't get lots of pictures, here are a few pictures of the fun festivities. :)
What's a get-together without trying to get a family picture!
Some of our pageantry kiddos. :)
Our loverly angels. :) (Jeff was a really good sport!)
Two of our cute babies all Christmasy - Lillie and Claire
And Christmas much have Santa and elves and reindeer. (Also known as Santa et. al)